Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween !

Didn't end up dressing up today but here are some pictures from over the weekend. I was dressed up as minnie mouse. the most creative costume ever. Just kidding. I bought minnie mouse ears at disney world over the summer and knew i was going to use them for halloween. I had trouble deciding what to wear costume wise to go with the ears and was caught between these two options .

I was choosing between these two. Both are from F21. I liked the red cus it was more minnie mouse - like but I didn't bring my ears with me so I didnt know if the red would match my ears. I really liked the black skirt but it seemed like it could've gone with just about any costume. I ended up buying the red shorts but when i went back to my room I realized the red didn't match :'( I had to make another trip back to the mall the next day and exchange it for the black skirt. i ended up really liking my outfit and am happy I got the black skirt. The black corset was a favorite amongst my friends (: I got it at wet seal for 25 bucks . Here is my complete outfit ! (= 

My best friend as alice in wonderland. So cute (= 
For shoes I went with my lovely jeffrey campbell lita's. This was the first time I ever wore them and they were actually pretty comfy considering I was standing and dancing a lot. I was dying for a chance to wear them since I can't really wear these on a regular day / night out (in my opinion). Sadly, these shows give you a lot of extra height so if you don't like the idea of towering over people these wouldnt be the ones for you :'( How was your halloween? 

xoxo, eveleen 

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