Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Break

So what have I been up to lately ? Aside from working my butt off the whole winter break, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with juju bean at Blue Mountain. We initially went up there to go skiing, but knowing julie and her luck, the mountain was closed. Nonetheless, we were able to still have a fun filled weekend staying in the hotel and playing board games. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

- Lose weight . I didn't necessarily gain the freshman 15 ... yet . But I did gain some weight since I entered college. Thankfully, I was able to shed a few pounds during winter break as I was busy running around for work. This year, I want to lose 10 pounds so that I am healthy and fit. I'm a lazy bum so working out would be out of the question for me. I am going to try and watch what I eat and when I eat it.

- Get better grades . - How asian of me, right ? Last semester I was able to get oh - so - perfect A's in half my classes but that was with me barely pulling my weight. I can definitely do much better with me actually trying this year . (=

- Make new friends .  - I am socially awkward and challenged . It is hard for me to make friends because none of them compare to the ones I have now. I hope I can stop comparing this year and just take these newcomers as they are.

- Spend time with loved ones . - I am an extreme workaholic ... and I'm only just fresh out of high school. How could this be? When I see those dollar signs, I just can't stop. Perhaps it's because I want to be able to buy nice things for my friends and family, and myself. Oftentimes, I am so busy I forget to put time aside for my friends/family or I am too tired to go out. This year, I hope I can find a balance between my work and social life.

- Blog / Make more Videos . - Clearly I haven't updated my channel or this blog as often as I would like. I have a better schedule this semester with fridays completely free. WHOOOT . this means that with my roommates in class, I can probably film more often in the peace and quiet of my room and blog more often.

- Get Inspired ! - I used to sketch and skim through magazines quite often to keep my creative juices flowing. Recently though, I just haven't had the time. I want to continue sketching to improve my craft and just do something that helps keep me happy (:

These are just a few resolutions I hope to keep during 2013. Though we all know how all resolutions end up. Hopefully, writing this out will serve as a healthy reminder for me.

What are your new year's resolutions.

Xoxo, Eveleen