Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorites From my Phone

I was syncing my photos to my computer the other day and decided to do a blog post on some of my favorite pictures on my phone and share some stories to go with them (: 

Pretty much sums up all the things I loved at some point last year.
My leopard scarf I wore almost every day. My mixed grey zip-up cardigan.
My favorite purple tank I had to constantly resist myself from wearing everyday.
& my MK watch and bag.

I remember having a stressful week when I took this picture. 
Decided to treat myself to starbucks on a friday.

My current wallpaper and also, you know, my current boyfriend.

 From Summer 2012. No zoom picture. Had 2nd row seats next to the dugout. 
So grateful . Oh, and the buffet prior to the game was top notch. 

 Another true love of mine. Laduree. Constantly craving these and always buy 
2 or more boxes every time I go back to nyc. 
 Also from Summer 2012 in Florida. This was so beautiful. 
Rained almost everyday, but still managed to be this breathtaking after each storm. 
 Every time I see this picture I smile at how lucky I am for 
having such an amazing mother and wonder what I did to deserve her. 
 Came home a few days early to surprise my mom for thanksgiving break. 
Had korean food with my sister after she picked me up from the airport. 
Can't help but salivate when I look at this. 
 Midnight runs for something to wake me up after studying for finals. 
Me and my roommate are not good for each other. 
We motivate each other to eat more, not less .
 Stinky tofu. Ok. A lot of people hate this, but I am obsessed. 
Last meal before coming back to school for spring semester. 
Taiwanese food FTW ! 

Hehe, just one of the many snacks my mom packed me for spring semester. 
This was the last sweet snack she packed me. :'( 
Savored every bite. 
On the plus side, I still have more ramen left. (= 

xxo, eveleen 

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