Friday, February 1, 2013

Proenza Schouler PS1 Review

I recently filmed a designer bag collection / review video, but I'm still contemplating on whether or not to post it since there was just so much to talk about. So I thought I would do a blog post on a few of the bags so it would be more in depth, and hopefully more helpful. The pictures of the bags I took got deleted by accident :P So I'm resorting to video stills from the unuploaded video (:

 My PS1 is in Military and this bag retails for around $1,800 depending on location and tax. I got mine at Barneys during the holidays because I had to return a gift. Therefore, a portion of this bag was paid for with the store credit and with my own money. 

Aside from the PS1 tag and the lush feel of the leather, it is hard to tell apart a real and fake PS1. However, if you are a bag fanatic like me, you would be able to spot a replica one from a mile away. To open the bag, you take out the straps on each side and undo the clasp. It is a bit more time consuming to open compared to a zip bag or magnetic clasp bag, but is not painstakingly annoying. Of course you can just opt to clasp the bag shut and leave the straps hanging out if you would prefer.

PROS - I love how versatile this bag is, its a perfect casual everyday bag and i love the way the brassy gold hardware goes with the military green color. This bag has a few pockets in it which are always helpful and there is an adjustable strap. The PS1s come in a variety of colors and different textures such as leather and suede. It also has two sizes, medium and large. And the main one ... this bag is simply beautiful

CONS - There really are no cons to this bag. Aside from the fact that there are so many replicas of these, and it is hard to distinguish this bag as a designer bag, I love this bag.
**Personally, I like that this bag does not have a bunch of C's on it or that the logo isn't imprinted all over. It's discreet but only those who are into bags and fashion will know that this is the highly coveted PS1. It's basically a little secret between purse lovers (; 
Another con would probably be the length of the shoulder strap if you are looking for a cross body bag which I will mention later on. 

 For reference, mine is in a medium and I am around 5'5". There are different ways to carry this bag. The handle is wide enough for you to carry it on the hook of your arm as well as to carry it by its handle. 

The long strap however, even at its longest is a bit awkward to serve as a cross body bag. Though I do wear it as a cross body bag many times, it is not the most comfortable. Perhaps if I got the large, the strap would've been longer and would've sat across my body nicely.
On the other hand, I like the length of the strap for a shoulder bag. It hangs nicely down my shoulder with no fuss. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Thanks for reading (: 

xoxo, eveleen 

*UPDATE (06-2013) - Every so often, the straps of my bag will fall off. As you can see from the first picture, the straps are connected to the body of the bag with metal clasps. I'm not sure why, but the clasp always detaches and it gets embarrassing especially when I'm in a rush and my strap whacks me in the face -____- Not sure if this is a fault in only my bag or in all the bags. 


  1. I have the same bag in the same color. My straps come off and smack me in the face too. The bag is almost perfect.

  2. same to me, I got a longer strap for crossbody with this bag.

  3. same to me, I got a longer strap for crossbody with this bag.