Monday, April 15, 2013

Favorite Adult TV Shows

I would like to think I am past my days of tween/teen shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, 90210, etc; but I would be lying. I do less frequent a majority of those shows now, but whenever I am oh-so-bored, I always find myself catching an episode and then finishing that season by the next day. Not going to lie here, you probably do the same

But today, I wanted to share my favorite, more mature, shows. Ones that don't deal with teen bitch fights, teen pregnancy scares, teen drama. No, these deal with adult bitch fights, adult pregnancy scares and adult drama. Lots of it. These mature shows are different. Completely different.

1. SCANDAL. Olivia Pope who is the head of a crisis management firm, fights justice by fixing things in a total badass way. OH, and did I mention that she's the President of the United State's mistress. You heard me, POTUS. Though she's "the other woman," Kerry Washington makes me root for Olivia Pope and the President though that may not sound morally correct

I just started this a few days ago and have already watched all the readily available episodes on Hulu AND Netflix. I've already purchased the missing episodes from iTunes and can't wait to finish. This show is seriously like crack, thank god I watched all the episodes within a span of a few days. Don't know how the original viewers were able to wait seven days for the next episode. 

2. NASHVILLE. Ok. I know what you're probably thinking. Ew. Country. (no offense, I know at least one of you guys was thinking that) The songs are actually really good and has given me a newfound respect for that genre but the storyline of this show is great as well. It's basically the story of Rayna James and Juliette Barnes. Rayna is like the old grandma who used to be famous and is just highly respected now without much of a 'current generation' fan base. Juliette on the other hand, is a typical teen star gone out of hand, but is extremely popular between with the youngsters and is struggling to be seen as a true artist, like Rayna. The two serve as dopplegangers and work together to perhaps, benefit both their images. Juliette's a complete bitch which I love, but it's so hilarious. But she's still lovable because there's a softer side to her underneath all that glitter. Overall drama includes mother & daughter liking the same dude, husband cheating, wife cheating, lost love, young love, blah blah. It's good. Give it a shot. 

3. REVENGE. Um, I would describe this show as sociopathic and creepy but so addicting. What does that make me ?! There's this chick who's real name is Amanda Clarke, but switches identities with Emily Thorne, her jail mate buddy. So Amanda Clarke is Emily Thorne and Emily Thorne is Amanda Clark, but not really. Confusing, I know. Anyways, let's just stick with "this chick" to keep things simple. This chick decides to seek revenge on the Graysons, who framed her father for an act of terrorism. She goes through a crazy amount of bat shit crazy things and still has not sought her revenge. But then again, the show would be over. Can't really say the specifics on this bat shit-ness because you are probably going to watch it later and I would never want to spoil anything. But basically, all this bat shit craziness will leave you on the edge of your seat and leaving you going, "WTF just happened ?" Yea. This is a good show from our own crazy lives and reassure ourselves that maybe we're not THAT crazy. Oh, and good for any sociopaths and creepers out there who want to feel better about themselves. Oh, and if you're seeking revenge, maybe you could take a few pointers? 

xoxo, eveleen 

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