Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week of Spring Outfit Ideas

Outfits incorporating items on my wish list this season! These took WAYYY longer to make than I expected. Kudos to me.

Sunday - Brunch and HangoutSpring Outfit 1
Bustier - Am currently obsessed with these. Though they're technically lingerie, I've seen a few people sporting them as plain old tops. I've gotten mine from Forever 21, Tobi, and Brandy Melville. You can even wear these under muscle tees with just hints of them peeking out. 

Shorts - Distressed, acid wash, frayed. Spring and Summer are all about the high waisted shorts. They're perfect with bustiers since they are high waisted and will cover you up more. 

Cardigan - Since it's probably too cold to just go out like this in spring, a cardigan is a must. Especially if you're like me and not daring enough to just wear the bustier by itself. 

Studded Converses - Now, I am usually not a fan of sneakers but they are a definite must especially if you're constantly running errands. Plus, with summer coming up, it's the perfect time for a DIY! 

PS1 - I've talked about this bag before (here), but I love this color for the springtime. So fun! And strap bags are my favorite because they let me go hands free! 

Monday - Casual Mondays

Spring Outfit 2
Oversized Sweater - Cats are big this season. And oversized sweaters are always a must for the beginning of the week when I'm dreading my alarm clock.

Leggings - Comfortable. 'Nuff said.

Black Flats - A pair of black flats go with everything and require no thinking. Those with cute details dress the shoes up and a loafer style is classic and more put together.

School Bag - Makes you appear studious, though you're probably not. And conveniently fits all your school necessities without breaking your shoulders.

Big, Messy Bun. - Every girl's lazy day hair.

Pink Lips - I always wear color on my lips on the days I'm feeling blah. They instantly add brightness to my face and actually makes it seem like I spent time getting ready. Plus, I can apply it while I'm running out the door.

Tuesday - Class Presentation

Spring Outfit 3
Floral Blazer - Focus of this look. The colors are subdued so the floral pattern is more wearable. Plus, a fun twist to a classic blazer.

Boyfriend Jeans - To juxtapose the formal blazer, the boyfriend jeans add a casual twist to the look and makes you look more relaxed and less uptight.

Grey Tank - Keeping it simple to have the blazer serve as the centerpiece.

Mid Heels - Help elongate your legs as the cuffed jeans may cut you off.

Red Lips -  To help make you look more professional. You can never go wrong with a red lip.

Wednesday - Hump Day
Leather Skirt - Perfect twist to one of my favorite winter/fall fabrics. Leather can be easily worn in the spring when it's in a softer shade. I love the pleats which I think adds a cute and flirty touch to the outfit. Instant pick me up for those long wednesdays.

Denim Tank - It's cropped, which is perfect for the highwaisted skirt. But I love the utility look this shirt adds to the otherwise ultra feminine look. Toughens it up a bit.

White Sandals - An essential for me in the spring. Comfy and cute

Gold Headband - I LOVE gold headbands especially with dark hair since it contrasts so nicely.

Thursday - Sports Game
Untitled #6
Sports Tee - Spend less than five minutes cutting off the sleeves or adding a fringe to your sports tee. Keeps you feeling cool and looking trendy.

Studded Shorts - Toughens up your look so no one dares boo your team in front of you.

Flatform Sneakers - When everyone rises in the bleachers, these shoes will allow you to see past the person in front of you! And give you that sporty vibe.

Sunglasses - The sun will be out. Gives you a clear view of the game even under the afternoon sun.

Friday - Girl's Night Out
Spring Outfit 4

Little Black Dress - Love the sweetheart neckline and body conscious silhouette. The key hole is a nice surprise without looking too hootchie. In my opinion.

Fishtail Braid - I always prefer to wear my hair tied when I go out because it always just gets so sticky and sweaty and i just end up looking like a hot mess. Plus, it's nice to have your hair fall onto your shoulders since the dress is strapless.

White/Gold Necklace -  LOVE black/white combo as well as the black/gold combo. Adds a luxe feel. Statement necklace is for such an ittie bittie dress.

Black Heels - Love the thin straps. Keeps everything streamlined and sandal heels keep me cool in the spring.

Clutch - A necessity for going out to store my credit card, phone, extra cash and powder. Love how it goes perfectly with the necklace.

Saturday - Retail Therapy
Sun Dress - I always wear dresses whenever I go shopping because it's the easiest to slip on and off. And when I try on pants I don't even need to take anything off !

Keds - Tone down the dress

Crossbody - Keep my hands free when I scurry for finds.

Watch - Don't want to get carried away. Must manage time before the mall closes!

Hope you guys enjoyed and got inspired!

xoxo, eveleen

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