Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Fever

Cardigan : Urban Outfitters | Tank : Tobi | Shorts : Urban Outfitters 

Finally got a chance to wind down from coming home from college and when I finally do, I get sick. Sorry for the lack of primping for these photos. A) College has made me not really give  a crap about how I look B) I am beyond exhausted C) It's the weekend D) I am lazy. 

Anyways, I was able to scrap together an outfit to share with you guys. For the summer, I love cool, patterned high-waisted shorts and sheer sweaters and cardigans to go on top for the chilly mornings and nights. I really dislike the rainy weather we have been receiving here in NYC recently. Makes me sad :( But I am looking forward to the sunny days ahead. Can't wait for pool time, concerts, shopping, good company and good food. 

BTW - I GOT TIX TO ONE DIRECTION THIS MONTH. SO EXCITED ! of course I'll be bringing my two besterest friends to join me on this wonderful day <3 

xoxo, Eveleen 

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  1. Such cute shorts, I love the simplistic boho feel of this outfit xo