Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Direction Concert VIP

Ok, so if you follow me on Instagram ( if you don't, @missevileeeen ) then you know I  got the chance to go to the One Direction concert at Nikon Theater towards the end of June. (I know, a very late post) I let my two bffs accompany me - JULIE & CHRISTY. Now if you know Julie, she's the ultimate fan girl and Christy is her sidekick. They once successfully snuck in to a meet and greet with justin bieber. UNREAL ! And I am the black sheep of the trio. I don't fan girl over anyone and don't have any desires to chase after celebrities or make time out of my day to go to a signing. So, I wasn't too excited to see 1D. I didn't even know many of their songs except for the ones on the radio. But I was MINDBLOWN.

THEY WERE SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL and every other positive adjective out there. 

First up, we got to meet them. No photographs with our own phones or autographs. SO PISSED. My photo came out so blurry. I wanted to cry when they emailed it to me because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was given an out of focus picture to remember it  :'( However, when I show these photos to people, they think they're fake. BUT THAT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE FLAWLESS !

This is even after I tried to sharpen it and I tried to make the picture a bit darker so the edges would be more prominent. Still cringing when I see this photo. :'(

BUT .... I'll get over it. I originally thought Harry Styles was so ugly. But boy, has my opinion changed. He is beautiful. His eyes are so glittery and he's the most charismatic of the group. HE PICKED JULIE UP WHEN THEY HUGGED. ZOMGGGGG. SO JEALOUS WTFWTFWTF. Zayn was originally my favorite but now Harry has taken his spot. Bahahah. Zayn's definitely a bit more quiet and Liam was very uninterested during the meet & greet. His hugs were sort of cold in my opinion. But during the show, that changed a bit because ...


FRONT ROW <3 <3 <3 we look gross because we were sweating all day and it was super windy hehehe. 

After pics / meet n greet we went to sound check. The boys did a q&a and they entertained us with some twerking. Security was so tight I wasn't able to snap too many pics during the sound check. 

There performances were 6/5 stars. I completely forgot they were singing live because they were that good ! They were able to effectively keep me speechless with their stellar stage presence despite the minimal dance moves. I swear I'm not a crazy fan girl but that night was definitely one to remember. I had a spectacular time and will remember that day forever !

Hope you guys enjoyed, and hopefully, I will blog a little bit more. I know, I've been slacking on the YouTube and the Blogger -____- Will try and find time amongst work / school !

xoxo, eveleen

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